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Monday, 7 March 2011

This is for the birds...

After a few days of 'capturing' the neighbourhood dogs and cats I felt the need to expand my horisons. I was still getting up before the sparrows to check my camera but it seemed I needed a new site.
I'd been hearing our resident African Goshawk regularly but he/she seemed to be spending more time in our garden than usual. A quick scout around showed the tell-tale 'whitewash' under a large stinkwood - things were  looking up! Climbing trees, for me, ranks up there with sticking needles in my eyes but I managed to find a likely looking perch. I got the camera fixed and got down with all bones intact.
And the next morning.....Bingo! Loads of great images of our goshawks. I guess from their calls that one is a juvenile (as a parent I know the sound of a hungry child) but they look pretty similar to me. Can any twitcher out there confirm if I'm correct?

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