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Thursday, 25 August 2011

More Frustrations of a Camera-Trapper!

Notwithstanding the immense pleasure I get from my cameras, there are just days where frustration outweighs pleasure. Yesterday was one of them!
I've had a few cameras at an interesting site for some weeks and had been hoping for some great shots. I'd previously got some blurred images of a leopard (see 'A New Site') so I'd replaced the infrared Bushnells with Cuddebacks.
This is why I was frustrated:

A headless honey-badger (Mellivora capensis). These guys aren't particularly rare in these part but I've never got a good shot of one. They seldom stand still!

A headless Large-spotted Genet (Genetta tigrina). As above, could have been a nice pic.

But worst of all.........

A headless leopard! The camera was correctly positioned, the exposure was perfect .......just a few milliseconds too late!

Grrrrrrr........but I'll be back.