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Thursday, 17 March 2011

Something to Celebrate

A twentieth wedding anniversary is a huge milestone in any relationship. So we decided to splash out and celebrate in style at a fabulous country  lodge. This establishment is renowned for its amazing food, accomodation and service and, by chance, just happens to have a bit of wildlife that wanders around. So, by chance, the trailcam just happened to find its way into my bag!

The attractions of the lodge, and in particular the honeymon suite, were many. So this didn't leave much time for scouting around for a good site to install the camera. There was however an interesting area in a dry riverbed, just below our suite, that had loads of game tracks. There was no time for further exploration as dinner was about to be served, so this had to be the spot.

There was no indication the next morning that anything had passed the camera in the night. But how wrong I was!

 Something to celebrate indeed!


  1. Neat picture. Interesting facial coloring.

  2. What is that? An oryx?

    Very cool!

  3. It is indeed an oryx (Oryx Gazella). Locally they are known as Gemsbok or Gemsbuck and occur in the hot/drier Western parts of Southern Africa. The facial coloring IS intersting. Their white noses are supposedly full of blood vessels which encourages heat loss from the animal. If that was the sole reason then presumably the white should extend further up. So recent thinking is that the black/white contrast encourages micro air movements over the nose, thereby further facilitating heat loss!