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Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Ghosts on the Beach

We're fortunate to regularly visit Betty's Bay which still has a great deal of wildlife. Animals like mongoose and francolin are frequent daytime visitors to gardens while porcupine, genet and grysbok can occasionally be seen at night.But my favourite sighting is the otter (Cape Clawless Otter) which we ocasionally see running across the beach. It never fails to give me a thrill to see these wonderful creatures.
Apart from the occasional sightings of otters I often come across their tracks on the beach. Previously this was of purely academic interest, but now, with a trailcam.....!
Their tracks lead to and from a small pond near the beach, so, how difficult could it be to catch them on the cam? Well, it proved to be extremely difficult. If I put the camera at one end of the pond - they went to the other. If I placed it on their usual route to the pond - they seemed to find another route.
The months went by and I began to doubt whether my trailcam could actually sense a passing otter.Or rather, whether they sensed the camera, got spooked and avoided it. They were like ghosts in the night. So I consoled myself with the knowledge that getting wildlife photos is never easy and requires a huge amount of patience and skill.
So, no otter pic with this post - just a sign of their ghostly passing! But I was determined to find a way to 'nail' them.

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