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Monday, 10 December 2012

What are the odds.....

Some friends recently asked me to check out a camera-trap that didn't seem to be working. I established that there was a defective battery in the set and replaced it. It then appeared to work fine but I though I'd put it out overnight to make sure that the flash was working perfectly too. So I propped it up outside our back door knowing that our dogs would trigger it a couple of times before the next morning.

So when I checked the card the next day there were indeed a few doggy pics in addition to one that gave me quite a shock:

This dude clearly jumped our fence (which is not difficult) and was having a furtive prowl around.
I don't recall ever putting out a camera at our back door so what were the odds of getting an image like this?

So given that millions of people around the world read my blog (yeah right!) I thought I'd take a chance and see if anyone knows him. What are the odds of that? Please tell him I'd like a quiet word.

Similarly, if you are the LOSER in this image you can be proud that you are now famous. Your image is on the database of our local neighbourhood watch, the South African Police, Interpol and the FBI! What were the odds that you'd have been so famous doing anything else?


  1. Interesting that he didn't try and steal the cam after that flash went off!

  2. I really pleased he didn't steal it. Not only would I have felt some obligation to my friends but I would never have known who took it.
    I guess the bright Cuddeback flash gave him a huge fright. I'd like to think he will be wary of returning to my property.

  3. O dear, photographing random strangers in the veld is one thing, but in your own back yard is another... Glad the camera wasn't stolen or damaged!

    It is sad to think that (living in SA) people jumping your fence is a normal part of day to day life. I believe that most of the time the culprits just check out the property for stuff laying around or open windows, etc.

    I've never been brave enough to follow your example and leave a camera out at night.

    I hope they can ID the guy! That would be awesome! Looks like he was sporting a bit of a Movember ;)

  4. Nobody in this area seems to be able to identify him. The word on the street is that he isn't a local - apparently the locals wouldn't dress like that if they were up to no good!