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Monday, 23 July 2012

Buffalo Bonanza!

I have to confess a warm feeling towards our African Buffalo (Cyncerus caffer). That's probably because I've never been chased by one. I've tended to see them from the safety of a vehicle or, if on foot, from a sufficiently comfortable distance (with plenty of climeable trees close by). So I enjoyed the last few weeks where I saw them on a few occasions and recorded them on my camera-traps.

The above photo was taken from our car as we drove through the Kruger Park. The late afternoon sun gave us some great photo opportunities - but I was happy just to soak up the peaceful mood. It was hard to believe that these peaceful bovids could be classified as part of Africa's "Big 5" - and believed by many to be the most dangerous mammal in Africa.

The mood was slightly different the following morning when we went for a walk with armed rangers. A  couple of old bulls suddenly crashed through the undergrowth giving us something of an adrenaline moment. But they soon ran off and we were reminded that the African bush is not the place to be too complacent.

I picked up buffalo on a camera-trap a few days later at a water-hole. I'd set the camera low down to hopefully catch some small carnivores and, as luck would have it, recorded mostly legs of herbivores. I just like the feel of this one...

And then a few days later where the bufalo seemed  to be a little possessive about the water resource:

And lastly, just a couple of days ago, where a small herd peacefully wandered past one of my cameras:

So, its been a couple of good weeks for me and buffs - and I still like them.


  1. Even those zebras know not to mess with a buffalo, it seems!

    They always say that more folks are killed by Bison (American Buffalo) in Yellowstone annually than bears, cougars or wolves. don't know if that's still true, or not.

    My grandparents owned a bunch of beef cattle and horses when I was a kid, and I patrolled the pasture looking for snakes. I was told early on not to mess with the cattle....domestic or not, they are large and unpredictable.

    Great pics! You get camera trapping pics of critters that (in my mind) are almost mythical....they are things I see only in zoos. To get photos of them on camera traps would be such a treat!

  2. Thanks Trailblazer. I guess the grass is always greener......