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Friday, 27 January 2012

Who said Vultures were dirty?

I don't recall ever being called a bunny-hugger but that isn't a label that would worry me particularly. But a vulture-hugger....mmmm...I don't think so! I've seen way too many vultures with their bald heads covered in blood and whatever else they find in the body cavities of dead animals. So I was delighted to see these images on a camera-trap that  we'd set up at a small water-hole for a few days. 

The early-morning shift was quiet but the water-hole soon became a popular spot for White-Backed (Gyps africanus), Cape (Gyps coprotheres) and Lappet-Faced (Aegypius tracheliotos) vultures. Birds that had probably recently squabbled over bits of carrion suddenly became bathing-buddies.

So am I now a vulture-hugger? Probably not.

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