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Thursday, 19 May 2011

The Frustrations of a Camera -Trapper

Its been a disappointing few weeks. I've had my cameras out in some promising spots and know there were interesting nocturnal amimals around. But do you think I could get a decent picture .....no.

This is the back of our local lynx, or caracal (Caracal caracal). The raised hindquarters are pretty diagnostic and its a beautiful cat - probably the apex predator in the farmlands around here.

This little face belongs to the Striped Polecat (Ictonyx striatus). I've never caught one on my cameras before and its been on my wish-list for a while. Sadly one sees these little guys often as road-kill.

This, I believe, is a Cape Grysbok (Raphicerus malanotis). If I'd got a good colour photo the lovely rufous-brown coat with white flecks would have been impressive - but it was not to be.

However, this is the image that I'm really bummed about:

I'm pretty sure it's a Cape Fox (Vulpes chama) since nothing else around here has a bushy tail like this. I would love to have got a good picture of him. It's the only true fox in the region and very seldom seen - certainly be me!

But obviously all is not lost. The animals are here so it's just a matter of catching them. Perhaps a job for my Cuddeback cameras which will usually give a good night-time colour image.

Oh,  I did get one good image. I'll call it Canis pesticus:


  1. Oh man! Bummer about getting the hindquarters-only of that caracal and grysbok. This is one thing that really annoys me about Bushnells. The trigger time is just too slow! I get back-ends alot.
    The motion blur can be annoying too.

    Do you use the multi-picture burst mode on the Bushnell? I find that increases the number of good pictures I get in a batch.

    But, very cool that you got the Cape fox!

    Hope your able to get another shot with the Cuddeback!

  2. That is a very good collection! Striped Polecat and a Cape Fox. I'm very jealous of the fox :) Good going!

    Are those images still from Porcupine Hills?

  3. Thanks guys.

    Trailblazer: I do use the multi-picture setting all the time and, as you say,it does improve your chances. I like the Bushnell for establishing what's in an area - they pick up way more than the Cuddeback with its narrow detection angle. But I do get loads of noses and tails - and blurred images.

    These cameras are in Franschhoek near the new Berg River dam. I think its an interesting study site with all the pines having been felled a few years back. The fynbos is returning nicely so I'm sure the biodiversity is also improving. One of the creatures I'm hoping to photograph is the feral pigs that still live in the area. Their tracks are all over the place but I've never actually seen them.

  4. I know for those of you who use trailcams, these shots can be frustrating. For those of us who don't, they are just fascinating!

  5. Thanks Samantha - its rewarding to know that the blog is being followed.
    Seems like you're going to have to get yourself a trailcam! I've been keen on wildlife photography all my life but have had way more fun with these trailcams.

  6. I'm seriously considering it..I would love to know what really crosses my property at night.